Abell Oujaddou


Hair Salon Owner | New York, NY

Abell Oujaddou Entrepreneur

Abell Oujaddou was always a dreamer with an entrepreneurial mindset. Born in Morocco and raised in France, He has experience in acting, film production, and beauty salon management.

Acting and Film Production

With aspirations of becoming an actor, Abell Oujaddou moved to New York at 17 years old to attend acting school. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles. He eventually moved back to New York and started doing theater. 

Abell produced a documentary called Haze which highlights the consequences of hazing practices that take place in colleges and focuses on the death of a college student as the result of hazing. He also produced a drama feature length film called Rendezvous in Samarkand, which features the story of a couple smuggling a contraband 4×4 across the Sahara.

While Abell had a dream of breaking into the acting and film production industries, he never lost touch with his true calling in the beauty industry.

Career in the Beauty Industry

Throughout his teenage years in France, Abell was troubled. He wanted to leave high school. His parents presented him with an ultimatum, through which they would allow him to leave high school if he enrolled in a trade school. Influenced by his girlfriend at the time, Abell switched to cosmetology school and studied hair design and training. Throughout his first five years in New York, while he studied acting, he worked in an upscale hair salon, Bruno Dessange Salon. He also worked for famed hairstylist Jose Eber in Beverly Hills before returning to New York to work at the John Frieda Salon. 

Abell Oujaddou is now the co-owner of Marie Robinson Salon, which has locations in both New York and Miami Beach. Throughout his career in the beauty industry, he has worked with big names in the entertainment industry including Merryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, Robert DeNiro, and Sam Mendes. He has also led the hair teams for top designers like Calvin Klein and Chanel. At the Marie Robinson Salon, Abell runs the salon, oversees his workers, and handles various client requests. He hopes to open an additional salon in California.

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